My Value Proposition.

Here's the thing about a value proposition, it will evolve. As I develop and grow and shift and change, it too will change. I know that there are so many Realtors® out there and as a consumer it can be hard to decide how to choose the right one. The thing is, we are emotional creatures and the bottom line is that connection matters. Being able to communicate to one another matters. Being able to set and live up to expectations matters. Being able to trust matters. When you are ready to make a move you do not always have the luxury of time to interview various Realtors® and so here is my value proposition to you from me in the comfort of your home or office.

I practice real estate full time.

I have the privilege to work for RE/MAX, the number 1 brand in real estate with 9 out of 10 home buyers and sellers knowing the RE/MAX brand.​

I am committed to working by referral and because I know I must earn future referrals, my goal is to ensure each of my clients are beyond satisfied with my services.

I want to be your real estate agent for life! So rather than using a transactional approach (doing the deal and moving on), I choose to build authentic relationships with my clients and be available to assist long after the transaction has transpired.

I want to be a source of information and referrals that go beyond a mortgage broker and a property inspector. Put my business network to work for you.

I leverage my networking groups, social media avenues and online presence, placing that sold sign in front of more than just your home.

I use technology to assist in a convenient and efficient buying or selling experience. Electronic signatures, so you can sign from the comfort of wherever you are. Set you up with an app to approve showings through a simple text message. So there is no need to be caught in your pajamas, with messy bun and no make-up with a toddler interrupting your every sentence. Or, having to leave a meeting to take a call. I have the tools to make things quick, easy and convenient! Recognizing of course that not everyone is tech savvy, I will show you how to do it if you want to learn, or come to you for a manual signature.

People who have worked with me have said that I am friendly, accommodating and honest. My friends would say that I am reliable and organized but ultimately I care about my clients and I want them to be happy with their real estate experience. I am a born and raised Albertan, I have lived and worked in Airdrie and now reside and work in Crossfield. I understand these communities and what they have to offer. I have also commuted to the City so I understand the grind and what is important to a commuter. I have been a first time home buyer. I have made it through selling my first home and buying & renovating and moving to the next one with a four month old. So I understand the logistics and stress of that. I get it because I’ve been there. I can help you navigate what can be, at times, a stressful process.

Allow me to assist you from the start and let's elevate your real estate experience.

Diandra Johnson | 403.660.8608 |