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When you know better you do better...

I just love this quote by Maya Angelou because it's true. It is so important to push your comfort zone sometimes! I am risk adverse by nature and I'm not sure if I was born this way, conditioned this way growing up or what!? I did however find the courage to rise above fear and have began to push my comfort zone and in doing so I have learned new things, met new people and have had new experiences which has helped me grow. What you read, watch and who you surround yourself with all play a role in knowing better and therefore, doing better. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2018 definitely had some ups and downs and a few curve balls but overall it was a year full of growth, opportunity and success. I spent my December preparing for Christmas, reviewing 2018 and began making plans for 2019. Did you see what I was up to in 2018? 2018 Year in Review Video. I also read a couple of books; THE NINE RULES OF CREDIT by Richard Moxley and GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE by Rachel Hollis. I enjoyed them both so much. I will probably quote some Rachel at some point but if you haven't read it, it is a great reminder of all the lies we tell ourselves and how we just may need to adjust our mindsets. The main reason I chose The Nine Rules of Credit was because I wanted to learn more tips related to getting your credit house in order to assist my clients position themselves better for home ownership. What I didn't expect was to learn more than a handful of things myself! So I hope you will join me over on my Facebook Business Page this month to learn more about The Nine Rules of Credit. I started pulling my credit report over a decade ago now and it's funny how you can get into competition with yourself to keep striving for a higher's a fun little game I play (okay...maybe not your idea of fun but worth it I promise)! HAVE YOU EVER PULLED YOUR CREDIT REPORT? DO YOU KNOW YOUR CREDIT SCORE? If you have never done this, I absolutely recommend it. You want to ensure it is accurate first and foremost but also it is so important to make sure you have a decent score if you ever plan on applying for some kind of credit or mortgage in the future. There are many factors that are taken into account to come up with your score and I believe there are a number of misconceptions as well. So watch for my posts this month over on my business page to learn more about rules of credit and putting yourself in the best position to be approved for financing and qualify for better rates. Having good credit won't just mean you get approved for financing, it also helps you get the best rates which will SAVE YOU MONEY! If you can't follow me this month to learn more, at the very least do not avoid paying your bills on time (every time) and review your credit reports annually! To circle back...what is something you did this year that pushed your comfort zone? I did an introductory video. Promoting yourself is necessary in my line of work but it is something that is not super fun to do, especially when you are more of an introvert. I am telling you, if there would have been a blooper reel for this it would have been filled with a whole lot of curse words and me running to the bathroom to dab my sweaty armpits! The location was gorgeous though (thanks to @white.farmhouse - find her on Instagram) and the very awesome Humble Pie Productions for filming and editing this awesome introductory video (check them out on Instagram @humblepieproductions). If you haven't seen it, I hope you will have a watch and feel free to share it with your friends, family or co-workers who may be in need of a Realtor® (if that feels right), I will be forever grateful. The VIDEO >>>>> Diandra Johnson, Realtor® Thank you again for your friendship and continued support. All the very best to you and yours in 2019, may it be even better than the last! Here is to 'knowing better so we can do better'! Cheers, Diandra




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