Dental Chair Epiphany...

Real Estate, Diandra Johnson, Realtor

Sometimes when you think about why you do the things you do it isn't always easy to explain but when asked you may just surprise yourself with how you respond. I was at the dentist the other day (ugh I know...the worst right) and the hygienist was talking to me about being a Realtor and that it wouldn't be for her. She enjoys showing up to work every week day, doing her job and going home and not worrying about anything and even more importantly being able to sleep at night. At a different point in my life that is all I thought I wanted as well. It's my nature to worry and to stress. So WHY did I get into this crazy game of unpredictability!? I am not normally a risk taker, I like the comfort of a steady pay cheque and knowing exactly what it will be each time. I also enjoy sleep...but when I really looked at the job I had, I did enjoy it, I worked with great people and I made good money. At the end of the day though, it was LIMITING. There was going to be a CEILING on what I could earn, and the role advancement. BIG PICTURE I knew one day I would feel stuck. I am a very loyal person and it hurt so bad to leave but I knew it would eventually hurt me more not to. Beyond my personal reasons for choosing a career in real estate, like the flexibility, my family and my own need to continue to professionally develop. I chose this path because Real Estate doesn't care if you are a man or a women, gay or straight, black or white, fat or skinny. My commission will be the same as the next person. My year end results will be a direct product of the effort I put in, my clients satisfaction of my services and my ability to tap in to who my people are. The beautiful part of all of that is it is in MY CONTROL. Yes, people will still choose a man over me at times, someone older, someone thinner but if I attract my tribe, the people that want to work with me...I will continue to be successful. The BEST BEST thing is in this career I will appreciate (like real estate), the older I get the wiser and more experienced I will be if I continue to grow professionally and not lose sight of my why and perhaps a little less likely to get traded in for a newer model ;-) With hard work and a good attitude the sky is the limit in real estate. The only limitations will be the ones I put on myself. Are you limiting your potential or your ability to live your best life? Your best life just might be that of the dental hygienist who takes comfort in her scheduled hours. The important thing is you can identify where you are at and take action to work towards living your best life. I'm not there yet but I'm certainly on my way! How empowering is that? It's SCARY for me for sure not getting a steady income, having set hours and taking risks but it's worse to not live up to my full potential. My hope for others is that they don't allow fear to prevent them from reaching their full potential and living their best ever that may look. Reflect on what you really want, how you see yourself in your best life and attach actions to your goals! Here is to your best self and an awesome August! If your goal involves buying or selling a home...let's talk ;-)

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