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I'm Not a Salesman & I'll Tell You Why...

Diandra Johnson, Real Estate, Realtor, Crossfield, Alberta

I was at a networking event a couple weeks ago and in conversation with another entrepreneur when we were discussing our businesses, she replied, my husband is in sales too. And, not that sales is in any way a bad word but I guess my mind immediately went to salesman (when she said sales) and when I think of a SALESMAN I think of doing my best not to make eye contact, and just generally how I avoid them if I am not wanting what they are selling. In response to her, I did say 'you know I don't consider myself a salesman' and this was an interesting thought to her.

So I'm not a Salesman & the first obvious reason why, is that well...I am a women not a man (just in case there is any question there) and secondly, I feel like I assist people with the PROCESS of buying or selling their home. I feel much more relational then I do salesy. Ninety-nine percent of the time people that come to me want to buy or sell their home already. I am not having to SELL them on that idea. When I show people homes, I provide them insights and advice on each home but ultimately it is there decision to BUY which ever one they choose. When listing a home, I fill the client in on the market conditions and statistics in their area and help them crunch the numbers but they decide to sell or not to sell on their own. I guess I just don't consider it sales when it is something the client already wants.

My number one focus is to grow my business by referral. I want to provide my clients an excellent client experience that they rave about to their friends and family. It is so important for me to work with people that I genuinely like and connect with and with whom I can communicate well with. Of course I want more business...who doesn't? But it's more important to me that I make authentic connections with people that I come into contact with and if I end up working with them on the purchase or sale of their home then it's a bonus!

Here's to being our authentic selves, believing in our products/services, making long lasting relationships and making a living LOVING WHAT WE DO, WHY WE DO IT & WHO WE DO IT WITH!

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