Be Mine.

Valentine's's such a commercial holiday but I have to admit I love it and my reason is simple. LIFE is crazy. I'm not sure if I am alone in thinking this or not but the days of being bored over the summer holidays are long gone. Adulting is really quite hectic and time seems to slip away quicker and quicker with each year that passes. We schedule days, weeks and if you are like me, MONTHS out. Trying to fit in a date night or get together with friends or family is just plain hard because like me, they have also scheduled days, weeks and maybe months out. I am a mom, stepmom, wife, sister, daughter, friend and entrepreneur and it's easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks and roles. So beyond the gifts, chocolate, flowers or dinner out...I love that the essence of Valentine's Day is a day dedicated to love and it draws focus back to our relationships. A reminder to take a minute and spread some love. This isn't quite the saying but LOVE is free, sprinkle that $h*! everywhere people! Here is to your version of Valentine's Day! I hope it's filled with all kinds of wonderful ;-)