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What is the Value of my Real Estate Profession?

Assisting consumers with buying a home has changed significantly over the years. Consumers use to set up an appointment to meet with the Real Estate Professional (REP) and discuss everything they wanted in a home and the agent would do all the research to locate some options and then take their clients to look at them. Now consumers have the ability to locate houses, view all the information and pictures, basically shop the internet for all the options available. Often times the consumers even set up their own appointments with the listing agents to view the properties as well.

As a REP though, this can both help and hinder the process. I can assist my clients best when I know what they are looking for and can use the tools at my disposal to narrow their search and ensure properties that suit their needs are not missed. Leave it to your REP to set up showing tours. So many times people request to see one house but there is another fitting their criteria one street over. A REP can organize a showing tour that makes sense based on your criteria and search locations. Saving you time and extra trips.

Beyond this, REP’s

  • understand the standard forms and contracts that you are required to use;

  • are ethically required to work in your best interest;

  • collect the right information that is important for buyers;

  • can assist you with asking relevant questions related to the property;

  • have great resources at their finger tips including property and area information as well as recently sold properties that are comparable to ensure you are well informed on market value and current market conditons;

  • have a number of contacts and can refer you to some great people (inspectors, trades people, mortgage specialists and much more); and

  • can help you find the right home for your current situation as well as help you think long term as far as family growth or potential resale.

Your REP is invested in the purchase or sale of you home. Even more importantly, for a lasting business relationship it is important that the sale or purchase happens on your terms and you remain satisfied throughout the process. In my opinion the most important part of choosing a REP is finding someone that you can communicate well with and are comfortable with.

Communication is so important on both the buying and selling side of real estate. I recognize that I will not be the right Real Estate Professional for everyone but I can assure you that I want to be your representative in today’s real estate market. I am committed to working by referral and because I know I must earn future referrals, my goal is to ensure each of my clients is beyond satisfied with my services.

  • I want to be your Real Estate Professional for life! So rather than using a transactional approach (doing the deal and moving on). I want to build authentic relationships with my clients and remain in contact through my Client Appreciation Program.

  • I want to be a source of information and referrals that go beyond a mortgage broker and a property inspector.

  • I want to be counted on before, during and after the transaction closes.

THINKING OF BUYING? I want your business. I service Airdrie, Crossfield, Carstairs and NW Calgary. If your property is out of my area, I can refer you to someone excellent to assist. Set up an appointment with me today. Let’s streamline the process and get you in the home of your dreams quicker.

SELLING THIS YEAR? Or, just want to know what your home is worth in the current market? Book your complementary Comparative Market Analysis with me today. Call, text or email me to set up an appointment.

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