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Remember Your Why.

Remember Your Why, Buy, Sell, Invest, Diandra Johnson

This is me the afternoon of my wedding, looking outward to the new journey ahead of me with wonder and excitement (or, just posing how the photographer asked me to haha). Fast forward two and a half years later, I am married (yes, I went through with it), and I have a beautiful 18-month-old baby boy.

When I went on maternity leave I had a stable job, was making good money, and had an amazing boss and co-workers. I am not one for taking many risks, but as the year passed, I felt a tug, pulling me in another direction and I just wasn’t feeling completely fulfilled. There was something telling me I was meant to be doing something different in my career. Do you ever get this feeling?

So here I am still pretty newly married, a new mom and now had decided to take the leap into a passion of mine - Real Estate. It is something that has been of interest to me for a long time, but believe it or not, it is very expensive to get into! It costs money every month whether you sell or not, there are (what seems like outrageous) annual membership fees, and to boot there is absolutely no guaranteed income. WHAT WAS I THINKING!? Did I mention I do not even get paid until weeks after a successful transaction closes? In short --- it can take MONTHS to receive a cheque! And, that is if you are lucky. WELL, as it turns out, I am LUCKY. Or, I hustled (that’s how I like to think of it anyway). I put myself out there, I met some new people and formed some great relationships and closed a few deals along the way. I know that there are a lot more people to meet, a lot more houses that need selling, a lot more people looking to buy and I need your HELP...

If you, or anyone you know, is looking to buy, sell or invest in NW Calgary, Airdrie, Crossfield or Carstairs, I hope you will contact me or pass along their contact information so I may follow-up. I am in my clients’ corner from the beginning and I have a genuine interest in their needs and wants. I walk my clients through the process and keep them informed the whole way through. I have a number of satisfied clients who have appreciated the level of service that I provide and I want to add you, your friend, family member or co-worker to my list of happy clients. For now, though, I want to give you MY WHY confession!

Why am I in this business?

  • Flexibility, so I can be a mom to my little guy but still be able to contribute to my personal and professional growth.

  • To build Community! As much as I have introvert tendencies, I do like to get out, socialize and build authentic relationships.

  • I like to Hustle. Working hard makes me feel like I am contributing to society. I also love the feeling I get when I do a great job and even more when I have satisfied clients.

  • Financial Freedom – I want to see the fruits of my labour in a tangible way because let’s face it --- we all need to make a little money. I want money to flow effortlessly and I’m willing to work hard to get there (that is me putting it out to the universe).

It is important that I love what I do, have fun doing it, maintain some kind of balance and create some great relationships along the way!

What is your why? I want you to keep YOUR WHY top of mind. When the house isn’t quite fitting the mold of what you had in mind or the offer wasn’t what you had hoped, remember why you decided to list it in the first place (e.g. a new journey), remember why you wanted to purchase a home (e.g. stability). Often, we get in our own way and where we want to go should be more important than where we are. Consider settling for the price reduction so you can move on to your next stage or journey in your life. Take the 7 of your 10 must haves and build your equity and make sure your next property has 9/10! Remembering our big WHY can get us to where we actually want to be faster.

Create the life you want to live! That is one of my 2018 goals for myself and the theme for this weeks #truthtuesday. If you are reading this and you are not part of my Facebook business page, I invite you to join! You can also subscribe on my website for future publications. You may not need me today but I hope when you do, I am only a click away!

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