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100 Facebook Followers + Counting

I created my Facebook business page in the Spring of 2017 and am so thrilled to have reached 100 followers and counting. There are lots of great posts on my business page and I hope to only get better at providing fun and useful information on there now and in the future. You don't have to be in the market to buy or sell to get something out of my page. If you are already following, I want to thank you so much for your support because "Big things have small beginnings." and ultimately "when you support small business, you're supporting a dream!".

If you want to begin to see my posts, visit my business page on Facebook by clicking the image below (you will be routed to Facebook) and select 'Like' and 'Follow'.

Diandra Johnson | 403.660.8608 |

100 Facebook Followers + Counting




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