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Working with a Real Estate Professional

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Working with a Real Estate Professional is a great way to streamline the process of buying or selling a home. As a buyer you always have the option of working with the listing Real Estate Professional to view properties. However, working directly with the Real Estate Professional you intend to buy with helps establish an authentic relationship and builds trust during your buying process. Your feedback from showings will allow the agent to get a better sense of what you do and do not like in a property, which in turn can help them locate the best property to meet your needs. Why waste your time trying to connect with each listing agent when you can let your Real Estate Professional know all the properties you want to see and let them coordinate the showings on your behalf. All you have to do then, is simply show up on time.

There are many people that do not understand how Working with a Real Estate Professional actually works and I can sadly admit that prior to becoming a Real Estate Professional, I didn't either. So this week I am sharing with you some Working with a Real Estate Professional - Tips & Etiquette Best Practices:

1. Choose a Real Estate Professional: It's important that you find the right Real Estate Professional for you. Someone who understands your expectations, you are comfortable with and most importantly will work in your best interest. Do not be afraid to meet with more than one to decide who is right for you. Obviously I hope that it's me but if you want choice visit and conduct an Agent search in the Town or City near you! If you are not in the Crossfield and surrounding areas, I am still happy to chat with you to discuss your needs and provide you a referral.

2. Understand that Real Estate Professional's Work on Commission: They do not get paid until the transaction closes successfully. Even once possession is granted, it can take a couple weeks for them to receive their commission cheque.

3. Understand the Consumer Relationship Guide. This guide walks you through the different types of relationships you can have with a Real Estate Professional and outlines the responsibilities of each party and potential conflicts.

4. Sign an Exclusive Buyer or Seller Representation Agreement. This is an Agreement between you and the Brokerage (or Real Estate Professional depending on type of Agency practiced). It outlines the roles and responsibilities and clearly identifies commitments among other things. It is in place to protect both parties and is required by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).

5. Be Ready to Buy or Sell: If you are not ready to buy you can still attend open houses and contact the listing Realtor for showings, just be honest with your intent and let them know you are only seeing what is out there at this point. As a potential seller, if you only want a home evaluation because you are just curious on what your home is worth, then again just be honest with the Real Estate Professional. Once you are ready, give that Real Estate Professional a chance to represent you in the sale of your home.

6. Communicate communicate communicate: Set your expectations. If working with someone exclusively, let them know you want to attend an Open House and see if your Real Estate Professional would like to escort you. If your criteria changes, let your Real Estate Professional know. It may be as simple as adjusting search criteria to find better matched properties. If you do not like certain things about a house, tell them; they cannot read your mind and it will save everyone time if you are clear on what you are looking for. If your situation changes and you need to look in a different area or for different types of properties, your Real Estate Professional may be able to refer you to someone more suitable for that area or expertise.

I hope this was a valuable and informative post. If you are looking for a Real Estate Professional in Crossfield or Surrounding Areas, I hope you will get in touch!

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